Me to a T.

Adapted from the UX Design Practice Verticals by Nathaniel Davis

Why should we do this instead of that?” “How do we measure that?” “What do we know for sure?”

I’m a UX guy that cares about asking the right questions and asking them the right way so we can trust the answers. I’m a UX guy that cares about making sure we’re being good to our users because that’s how we make money. I’m a UX guy that knows that it’s ok to fail and you’ll never be perfect but who also knows you can’t ever stop trying to make it better and make it right. I’m a UX guy that knows my values, but is always open to new ways and means.

Need someone that keeps asking the hard questions while always looking to make work a more fun place to be? Who’s great at user requirements gatheringdata analysisgoals and analytics, information architecture, usability testingprototyping and is fully not bad at a bunch of other stuff? Then maybe I should be a UX guy that works for you.

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