Volkswagen Golf Interactive Advertisement for iPad

A screenshot of Axure, showing one page of the interactive iPad app wireframes and some annotation details

The Problem

Volkswagen wanted to make their Golf relaunch super cool. Vectorform specializes in this sort of thing.

The Process

The process was a bit unusual. Volkswagen had contracted not just Vectorform (my employer at the time), but several other digital marketing and production agencies. How things moved through the different agencies must have been a very complicated flowchart and we were just one part of it.

The work I did in Axure started with storyboards from another agency. They had mapped out the overall vision of what the app should do. But it was up to us to work out the details, like how many pages we would need, what the interactive elements were and what they would do, how many different sections of the app there were, etc. These had to be compiled into documentation that had to be passed up through two chains of approval and then passed on to the development agency. That’s a fair few eyes to impress.

Because we were not directly communicating with the other agencies involved, the wireframes produced had to be extraordinarily detailed. They necessarily included details of all dynamic content, places on the screen where animations happened/interactions were triggered, and the method of interaction (i.e. gesture, voice, tap). What was delivered was not an Axure prototype per se, but a document created from the Axure prototype that we were building.

(I’d love to share more process photos and details with you, but… NDAs, man.)

The Product

An iPad with an application running, showing a car in the center and a list of colors along the bottom
The iPad app in the wild, showcasing one of the vehicle customization screens

A glossed up, interactive advertisement for the then newly released Volkswagen Golf. Working with another UX designer, I develop detailed, screen-by-screen, interaction-by-interaction wireframes that impressed the client and lead to an award-winning iPad app that allowed people to explore and customize their new Golf.