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Homepage of the Integrated Service Center showing three people walking, framed by contentUniversity of Washington’s Integrated Service Center

As part of an effort to modernize their HR and payroll systems with Workday, the UW sought to streamline and integrate their complex web of HR and payroll websites. Hence, the Integrated Service Center: a new, centralized service, charged with being the front line for any and all HR and payroll questions. Including, of course, Workday.

Wouldn’t you know it, turned out this new service needed a new website. And that’s what we gave them.


I was impressed with Dustin’s intense passion for understanding and meeting the needs of the end-users, as well as his ability to communicate these needs effectively throughout the project. Additionally, I appreciated his genuine commitment to continual improvement, both for the product and for his own growth as a Designer.

– Jason CivjanUX Manager @ University of Washington Dept. of Information Technology

One thing I always appreciated about Dustin was that he brought other experiences into his work. Whether it was his interest in transportation issues or board game mechanics, sometimes these diverse perspectives are what a project needs to breakthrough a complicated issue. … Dustin’s ability to find those insights increased his capacity for being an empathic user experience practitioner.

– Shawn MederoFormer UX Manager @ University of Washington Office of Research Information Services

I can honestly say that the conversations [with Dustin] helped shape the direction of my work.

Dustin is highly creative, dedicated to personal growth, and is full of great ideas. He’s a wonderful team contributor, seeks to encourage those around him, and doesn’t “lead the witness” in usability interviews.

– Matt Portwood, Metadata Analyst @ University of Washington Dept. of Information Technology

Dustin showed he was a great collaborator. He was able to work independently, and always deliver more than I expected.

I’d hire Dustin in a second. Pleasure to work with, self-motivated, and a great sense of design.

Cliff Lampe, Assistant Professor @ University of Michigan School of Information

The results of his work are impressive; Seattle [redsigned] their website based on his research and recommendations…  Dustin’s personality, knowledge, and drive are assets for any company or organization. I highly recommend him.

Sarah Schacht, former Director @ Knowledge As Power; Principal Consultant @ Smarter Civic